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Terms and Conditions


1.  Payment  by PayPal, Check or Money Order (3% credit) to BrainCity, Inc.  Mail Address:  330 H Street Suite B Marysville CA 95901.  No refund policy.

 2.  Warning - Disclaimer: Contents are pages for a book published live on BrainCity.  Truly, the work is my belief and my thoughts.  You are advised to consult a physician ( you trust ) prior to any undertaking of this work.  Especially individuals who are already suffering or have been provided A Handle for their disease or injury. BrainCity Inc. is neither responsible or liablie for any harm or injury coming from this work.  You are weclome to  consult with a BrainCity physician by paying the appropriate fee to receive education and training.    

 3.   If it is an emergency,  call 911.  

4.  Your viewable and usable information is only the information you have provided upon registration or correspondence.

 5. The confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement, This Agreement, is made between BrainCity, Inc., hereby, known as the disclosing party or proprietor of information collectively referred to as “provider” and you, hereby, known as the receiving party collectively referred to as “user“.

6. Membership items included are subject to availability.  In the event supplies are depleted by orders, allow up to 90 days for delivery of said products. 

By becoming a member (user) you agree to be bound by this user agreement.


Recitals and Definitions:


The user understands, confirms, and acknowledges that the provider has privately and confidentially or by publishing on the web, disclosed or may disclose in the future, information.  And to the extent of time periods presently, previously, or subsequently disclosed to the user is hereinafter referred to as “ proprietary information “ of the disclosing party (provider).


Proprietary information is hereby defined as all information related to the disclosing party.  Not limited to domain names, website, trademarks, trade names, logos, brainball, breathingband, all papers, letters written or unwritten, sketches, designs, tech applications, watch development, computers, software, phones, exercises, physical or mental, thought processes, videos, pharmaceuticals applications, products, merchandize, retail, real estate purchases, sales, leases, interests, shares, stocks, advertising, media, audio, video, automobile applications, safety recommendations, sensory, receptors, software code, and/or additional items as proprietary information at the time of disclosure and within 180 days after disclosure. 


Confidentiality is defined as information that is of the utmost importance to the disclosing party, a person or company, it’s practices and prosperity, present and future.  The user will protect the proprietary information at every peril to the receiving party.  Further it must protect and/or defend in court of the United States, Military Court, or International Court.


Receiving party  (user) hereby agrees not to disclose the proprietary information to anyone without the express written permission of the disclosing party. 


Governing Law of The United States and the laws of the State of California apply to this agreement.  Any dispute or matter arising between the parties will be processed and decided by the County of Marin Judicial System.  This is to extend to all foreign countries.


Injunctive relief upon breach of any of the promises or agreements contained herein will result in irreparable harm to the disclosing party for which there will be or may not be proper remedy by law.  Disclosing party to be entitled injunctive relief and/or a decree for specific performance.  Monetary relief is included, of course. 



Entire agreement supersedes all prior oral and written agreements. Any modification to be made by mutual written agreement by authorized representatives of the parties.


The secrecy obligation of the receiving party shall continue for 300 years or the maximum time allowed by law.


Survivability of this agreement in part or as a whole shall survive the termination of any relationship between the parties.  Upon termination the user will promptly deliver to the disclosing party all documents and materials furnished to the receiving party..  Further, this agreement shall be in full force and effect should any part or portion of the agreement be proven in a court of law to be unlawful.





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